Taurus Necklace
Taurus Necklace
Taurus Necklace

Taurus Necklace

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Taurus: April 21 to May 21

“No, I'm not ruminating, I'm thinking! »

Rather slow to start, you take a long time to make up your mind, but once launched, nothing can stop you... This motto is just right for you!

“No, I don't ruminate, I think! »

Rather slow in the beginning you take a lot of time to decide but once launched nothing stops you ... This motto is all found for you!

  • Astrology - Taurus Zodiac Sign

  • Material - Cast iron Pewter (Astro) - Brass (Chain)

  • Finish - Gilded with 999 thousandths gold or silvered with fine silver

  • Attachment - Chain & Carabiner

  • Dimensions - Chain Length 445mm - Astro Length 15mm, Width 21mm

  • Weight - 5g